What are enzymes and
how do you use them?

Yes we do.

Enzymes have useful properties to help our products work better, for example they break down certain stains from fabrics. Almost all conventional washing powders contain enzymes. It’s hardly possible to achieve a good washing result without them.

There’s a two-fold benefit to using them: you get a cleaner wash and they have a lower burden on the environment, because you only need to use a tiny amount and they reduce the need for surfactants. If 1% to 2% of the product is made up of enzymes, you can reduce the amount of surfactants required by 10 times! We typically use naturally occurring enzymes like protease and amylase that work on both protein and starch stains.

In recent years, some suppliers have modified their production processes. Today, the enzymes we buy are created through a micro-organism that has undergone modification solely to increase its enzyme producing capacity. There is no modification of the enzymes produced and the micro-organism is not modified to do what it’s not designed for. Nothing is modified in any way that would not occur naturally!