“Why do you use plastic wrapping on your Dishwasher Tablets?”

Yes, unfortunately we still have to use 0.3g of plastic per dish tab as there is no technology yet available that will seal them to keep them from disintegrating during transit. We choose to do this verses using the technology of other dish tablet manufacturers who use a plastic coating which dissolves into the water supply and is damaging to animal and plant life. Each pack weighs only 0.3 grams. We know that the best choice would be a packing of biologically plastic, but at present this material is simply not stable or durable enough to use it for this purpose. We prefer to know that the small amount of plastic used can be disposed of safely, some councils do provide recycling for this type of plastic if you want to contact them. It is also worth noting our box is in 100% recycled cardboard whereas the norm is to have dish tablets in plastic pouches. However you’ll be pleased to know, we aren’t settling and developing a replacement is top of our priorities. Hopefully we will be able to get rid of this plastic for good. Once a choice is available, you can rest assured that we switch!